Things that Artificial Intelligence can do better than Humans


Artificial intelligence constantly pushes the limits of what machines are capable of. But could machines ever become better than us? The answer is of course yes, at least in many areas where our intellect was the undisputed champion of creativity and intelligence. There are difficult intellectual domains in which AI works better than man.

Artificial Intelligence can read better than an average human:
Alibaba, an online retail giant, has developed Intelligence can artificial intelligence that has succeeded in defeating people in a reading comprehension test. The artificial intelligence system rated the reading comprehension based on the standard answer file and received a few more points. Although the machine only struck the human participant with a mustache, it is still an incredible performance in automatic reading. In the future, this system could apply its reading skills to emergency medical or automated customer service. Technology could also be used for marketing purposes, as artificial intelligence may potentially improve the accuracy of targeted advertising

Artificial Intelligence system is efficient at strategy games:
DeepMind, a subsidiary of Google, has developed a self-learning computer called AlphaGo Zero in 2017. The self-study system could beat the world champion Go strategy game in May 2017. Deep Mind’s journey from an ambitious idea to that of world champion in this notoriously tricky game is mind-boggling. This only shows us that artificial intelligence progresses in every game and puts us in the shade.

Artificial Intelligence program writes better pop songs than human:
Maybe the limit has not yet been crossed, but when a French songwriter, Benoit Carré, created a pop album in collaboration with an AI music program, it certainly changed our view of music. AI and creativity. Benoit Carré, who has worked with some of the biggest French names like Johnny Holliday, says the system can write and even play original tunes. Although he claims that the song needs human contact to bring it together, there is no denying that AI will change the future of music.

Artificial Intelligence can search the web quicker:
RankBrain is a machine-learning AI that processes the most complex web queries in the Google search engine. It understands the meaning of words and phrases and can therefore guess what to do with unprecedented searches at the top of the pages. And it’s better than its biological creators. In the tests, people could guess 70% of the time, while the success rate of RankBrain was 80%. It has not yet replaced Google’s Brute Force Hummingbird search algorithm, but works in synergy with it. A sign of the future of AI is the integration into existing information systems to improve their performance.

Artificial Intelligence can work in deadly environments:
Robots can survive where there is no human being, for example in deep spaces, ocean benthos or in a radioactive reactor. The problem is that they could not work on the level of human skill and intelligence. According to Hans Moravec, a robotics pioneer, low-level sensorimotor-related considerations are relatively inexpensive to implement. However, the calculation of AI requires enormous resources. In other words, human babies can do more complex things with their bodies than the most sophisticated robots.

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